There are millions of homes in the UK which are heated by a gas central heating system. At the heart of that system will be a gas boiler, there is probably one in your home. Once the item is installed you cannot forget it and should treat the boiler with care, in particular: –

– The boiler must be maintained to keep it safe
– It must also be serviced to maintain its efficiency

Unless they are a fully qualified Gas Safe engineer homeowners need boiler care plans to protect them if a problem arises. If your boiler fails the central heating will stop and you could be without heat and hot water for a long time, certainly until you can successfully call-out a plumber to fix the problem. boiler care item

Getting a boiler, or other part of a central heating system, fixed can be very expensive particularly if the weather is cold and you need a rapid repair. Have you noticed that plumber call-out costs increase in the winter when the level of boiler breakdowns, and plumber emergency telephone calls rises. To solve this problem there are a number of companies who have developed boiler care and central heating care plans serviced by their plumbers or recommended contractors.

Boiler Care

With these boiler care and central heating breakdown plans a low monthly payment typically give access to a 24 hour, 365 day helpline to contact assistance and priority service in an emergency.

This can help to reduce the stress of a heating breakdown although the disruption can not be removed entirely. Most boiler care providers try to attend the same day or certainly within 24 hours although the times can vary in the middle of a harsh winter. Many give preferential response times to the elderly or families with small children.

Extended Plans and further options

Some boiler and central heating care plans have additional options such as Annual Safety and Maintenance inspections or additional features such as Plumbing and Drains Care or Home Electrical Care. There are many choices and householders or landlords are able to select the type of cover they require within their budget. Boiler care plans providing landlord boiler cover are particularly important as they address a legal requirement.

A safety inspection is excellent value for money, badly serviced gas appliances can become dangerous and emit carbon monoxide a lethal and invisible gas. Whilst carbon monoxide poisoning can be rare it is fatal so it is better to avoid this risk completely and get an annual gas boiler service.

Making the Right Choice for You

We have sought out the main boiler care and central heating services available from the leading, trusted providers in the U.K. and have included the important details within this site. As an example the excellent insurance plans have been featured on the following pages;

In addition we have details of the latest British Gas Homecare ® range. A comprehensive offering with Boiler and Heating controls insurance all the way up to comprehensive cover for your central heating, plumbing, drains and home electrics.

Please review these pages and those for the other major boiler care providers to check out what is available. We have listed the major features of the boiler care plans so you can decide which meet your needs. To get a quick overview we recommend that you also read: –

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Breakdown Costs :- This article outlines the typical heating system breakdown costs charged by a plumber. You will see that an unexpected boiler breakdown could be very costly unless you have the protection of a boiler insurance plan which covers the parts, labour and call-out costs.

Busy homeowners need reliable plumbers and electricians to call upon when you have problems This site contains information on the various boiler and central heating maintenance services available so you can make the right choice for you.