If you are unlucky enough to suffer a boiler or central heating breakdown when you do not have the protection of a boiler care plan you could be in for a large bill.

Research from Which, the consumer organisation, advises that nearly 1 in 3 of all new boilers will break down within their first 6 years of operation. This statistic means that many householders will face a boiler repair problem, and this could include you. The heating emergency can be compounded if they have not previously arranged a boiler maintenance plan. Getting a plumber to attend a heating emergency in the middle of winter is not easy.

If Boiler Repair Costs concern you have a look at the British Gas plans to look after your boiler

The expense of repairing a heating breakdown included the call-out and labour costs of the trained plumber in addition to the costs of the parts to make the repair. The typical costs of the most common breakdown problems are not small as illustrated below

Heat Exchanger – £325
The heat exchanger transfers the heat from the hot gases to the circulating water and allows the central heating system to heat up. The heat exchanger allows the boiler to transfer a high percentage of the energy used to heating the water and helps to reduce running costs.

Boiler Printed Circuit Board – £220

Modern boilers are controlled by electronics and the printed circuit board( P.C.B. ) is the brain of the boiler controlling all its activities. When the p.c.b. fails the boiler stops. This can be a major cause of problems as pipework leaks often put water on the p.c.b. leading to a failure.

Water pump – £200
The central heating water pump circulates the water throught the central heating system. Whilst the boiler may still produce hot water the failure of the pump means that this water will not circulate and heat up the radiators.

Flue Fan – £156
The flue fan expells exhaust gases through the flue. This is essential for your safety and ensures that waste gasses do not build up within the boiler area. If this fails the boilers control mechanisms will prevent it from operating.

Gas Burner – £150
Your central heating boiler mixes gas and air at a regulated mixture to burn and heat the water in the most efficient manner.

Expansion Vessel – £140
The expansion vessel controls the pressure within the heating system. Heated water expands and would significantly increase the boiler internal pressure. The expansion vessel provides an outlet for this pressure and is an important part of modern systems.

Boiler Thermostat – £95
The boilers internal thermostat is a secondary protection device monitoring the boiler internal temperature. If the external control thermostat fails this internal thermostat ensures the safe and effective operation of the boiler.

Internal Air Vent – £85
The internal air vent allows any air that develops within the boiler to escape to the outside.