We know that there have to be some small exclusions so please check the latest exclusions and terms at E.ON here .

E.ON Central Heating and Boiler Care Exclusions

The following is a summary of some of the exclusions the last time we looked. The contracts are for central heating systems and boilers and do not provide for the following items:

  • removal of sludge or hard water scale (for example by power-flushing)
  • repairs due to design faults or pre-existing faults
  • repairs where parts are no longer available
  • changes to or issues with utility service connections or the gas supply pipe between your meter and the boiler
    replacing boilers which are seven years old or older
  • removing asbestos, or working where asbestos has been previously removed unless we have seen a clean air certificate

For clarity it is important to note that the service does not include work on specialist systems such as but not limited to:

  • boilers where specialist work is required (for example Potterton Powermax) and warm air heating systems
  • combined cooking and heating appliances
  • combined heat and power appliances
  • steel or lead pipes
  • bespoke or designer radiators and towel rails
  • primatic cylinders, fan assisted convector heaters or immersion heaters

E.ON Annual Safety and Maintenance Inspection Exclusions

This contract is not suitable for LPG or oil systems, warm air systems, electric heating, combined heating and cooking appliances, or combined heat and power appliances. Also you should note that the boiler should not have greater than 70kW input rating, must be wholly within domestic premises and should not be of a type where specialist work is required (for example, Potterton Powermax boilers).