Are you wondering whether a Combi boiler would give real benefits to your home?

First we should advise that a combi boiler is not suitable for every home. The basic design of a combi boiler is structured around the fact that it delivers hot water on demand. The benefit is that there is no stored hot water to lose energy and waste money but it also means that the boiler has to be able to deliver the right amount of water at the time it is requested.

Secondly you need to be aware that it is considerably easier to fit a combi boiler where a combi boiler has already been installed rather than replacing a different boiler type. For example if you have a back boiler the system design is completely different than would be required by a combi boiler. If you have a traditional boiler you would have a number of items such as hot water tanks in the airing cupboard which are not required and hence would need to be removed.

Neither of the above issues are showstoppers but they do illustrate the need to get proper advise and a full quotation before you consider fitting a combi boiler. The review of your home should lead to the fact that a combi boiler is right for you rather than starting with the assumption that a combi boiler is right you and finding someone to fit it.

small-scale homes can benefit from putting in a combination boiler as they require much less room than orthodox gas boilers. It is possible to set up a full central heating and hot water system by buying only a gas powered combi boiler with a balanced flue. If your plumber adds in a number of radiators and the appropriate copper pipes you have absolutely everything to warm your house. You might ask whether we had overlooked some components out of this statement. What about the water pump, the hot water storage cylinder and the feed and expansion cylinder.

If you have a modern-day combination boiler it will not need any of these additional pieces. With a combination you can dispense with the hot water storage cylinder, you do not want a feed and expansion tank up in the loft, the combi heating boiler holds the other component parts inside its casing. Adopting this system means you can retrieve a considerable amount of storage space.

Combination boilers are not a new gas boiler design. They have a longer history in Europe but have now become the most common boiler in the United Kingdom. It is has two major differences with the system and typical type of gas boilers. The first is that hot water circles around a sealed system when heating the central heating. This means that there is no demand for a feed and enlargement cylinder in the attic. A second gain is removing the need for the hot water storage cylinder as the boiler stores its own hot water.

Home hot water is developed on demand, turning on a hot water signals this demand to the boiler. An cost-efficient internal heat exchanger is used to quickly heat up cold water. Hot water circulating in the heating system is diverted to the heat exchanger. Fresh cold water from the external mains passes through this heat exchanger where it is heated before it reaches the hot water valve.

Hot water output is prioritised ahead of the passing of hot water to the radiators. The radiators are furnished with hot water once the valve is shut.

If you do have a space issue in your household you should give critical consideration to putting in a combi gas boiler when you next replace your gas boiler.

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