Combi gas fired boiler installation is not something that can be done by any householder, no matter how skilled you are at tasks within the home. Unfortunately from a cost perspective, but fortunately from a safety perspective, only trained boiler installers who are gas safe registered are allowed to carry out this task.

There many forms of condensing heating boiler and one main type is a combi gas boiler. One of the reasons why combi boilers are very efficient is that they can heat water when needed. Heating water on demand helps to reduce the amount of energy they use keeping gas costs low.

A heating audit is recommended before you purchase to ensure that it is able to be set up in your house. This should be carried out by a trained installer as there are rules that must be complied with. Just because you had a conventional gas boiler install does not mean that you can do a direct switch for a condensing gas fired boiler as they have unique fitting requirements.

The output gases from the flue tend to be not as hot and hence heavier than for an aging boiler form a visible plume can result as they quickly condense. Surface wetting by the output gases is often seen near the flue outlet, this impact is not restricted to your home and can spill over on to neighbouring houses, or even people passing nearby.

Your existing flue may not be suitable for a contemporary condensing gas fired boiler requirements. To beat this the flue might need to be changed. The flue cannot be shared and must be for the single use of condensing appliances.

An external drain point is required to enable the removal of the condensation which will form within gas boiler.

There are many ways to defeat these installation difficulties. A good installer will know of these cures and can advise you on the best approach. You should remember that these one-off installation costs should be setoff against the annual reduced running costs of the re placement condensing boiler.

Having a new gas boiler put in allows you some options on the positioning of the new gas boiler. A change in the location of the new boiler frequently results from the different installation requirements. This is a certainty when the elderly gas boiler was an open flue or back heating boiler. These elderly boiler types are often mounted internally without an external flue.

It is acceptable to install a gas gas boiler in any room other than the main living room. Of course central heating boilers are often fitted in the utility room or kitchen but other familiar places are the bedrooms or installation of a gas fired boiler in the loft.

fitting the heating boiler in the loft often saves space and it is possible providing that the gas boiler is a sealed system. Access to the loft has to be provided through a lower down ladder attached to the loft hatch. sufficient lighting and boarded floors providing access to the boiler location in the attic are also required. Regular maintenance and servicing are essential and that is why this form of loft access is required.

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