Combination boilers chop gas costs

Energy costs are going up around the world and it appears that energy bills cost more every year. One way of reducing heating bills is to critique how you are wasting gas in the home. Exchanging an aging gas fired boiler or a new cost-efficient central heating boiler could lead to a great reduction in your energy bills.

Running in the background your present-day gas boiler will be heating your house and providing hot water for washing cutlery and clothing in addition to powering your shower. Your present-day heating boiler will have an expected life off up to 15 years. If your boiler is nearing the end of its life it could be very ineffective in comparison to fresher models. You can evaluate the relative efficiency of boilers by looking at their SEDBUK rating, SEDBUK A grading is the most cost-effective at 95% efficiency in extracting heat from the gas consumed.

If your gas fired boiler is over ten years old, it might be worth investing in a new model. A new condensing combi boiler could cut your costs significantly. If you do replace your boiler you could study a gas combination boiler which is ideally suited for the smaller home or properties where there are a limited number of people in the home. A gas combi boiler draws water through the mains and heats it on need, doing away with the need for a storage tank. Having immediate hot water is a benefit but, depending upon the the power rating of your gas boiler, you may see that the gas fired boiler is not able to supply several hot taps at the same time.

If you have a system or regular boiler it will use a hot water cylinder to save hot water produced earlier for use when called for later that day. The hot water cylinder is a major source of heat loss in the system leading to inefficiencies. The tank also requires storage space although large volumes of hot water are available for multiple baths in a short space of time.

doing away with the storage cylinder by installing a gas combi boiler means that your central heating system will be up to 60% more efficient. A combi condensing boiler is even more cost-efficient than a common combi-boiler as it extracts heat from the hot flue gases and uses it to heat water. The extracted warmth is then used to heat up water saving energy usage.

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