Do I need a central heating boiler service plan?

Every year more companies are beginning to offer boiler maintenance and repair policies. With these plans you will pay a defined monthly subscription and get protection against unexpected boiler emergencies, some alternatives also include annual safety inspection or heating boiler service. Unfortunately with choice comes complexity and there are a wide range of options available at differing price points. At first you may be stunned by the choice but on further investigating you will see that many of these insurances offer similar services.

Emergency central heating boiler help and maintenance

This policy is not your annual heating boiler service – with this you will get a helpline to provide emergency plumbing assistance following a gas boiler breakdown – as you have taken out an ongoing contract you should expect to see better service and pricing options than the normal emergency callout charge with a one-off breakdown. The value of this boiler cover is exhibited when you have a problem and many customers renew for future years after such an event.

Look for a no callout charge option as this can be valuable – plumbers found in the Yellow Pages will charge a large callout fee which could exceed the cost of your annual service cover if only you had taken it out in advance, this can be worth a lot, all the more so if your heating boiler is starting to age. The plans typically also protection the cost of a heating boiler breakdown and parts and labour so you do not have anything supplementary to pay. The cost of an unexpected boiler breakdown are much higher than the typical annual contract.

Integrating the option of an annual boiler service

If you choose to take out a gas boiler service option or a separate gas boiler service contract you will get a twelve month service in all likelihood at the same annual rate or even cheaper than the companies typical ad-hoc charge. The reward of doing this is that you will get the services of an established company who can care for your gas fired boiler year after year. Most companies providing the annual service will remind you that it is now due long ahead of the end date so that the service can be scheduled at the time that is convenient to you. Some organisations will completely take the heating boiler apart for the service, others use diagnostics to check it is operating correctly.

Are boiler maintenance contracts a good investment?

The value of the investment will depend upon whether you have a central heating boiler breakdown or not. One gas boiler breakdown in a year and will typically cover the cost of the plan. One breakdown will recover your expenditure. If you do not know of a good local engineer can call promptly when you need you should look into any gas fired boiler maintenance contract. If your brother is a engineer you could plausibly do without one.

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