Features of new and substitute central heating boilers

It is not simple Picking Out a new or substitute boiler and often skilled help is called for. expense will be high on your list but you also need to consider some of the aspects of the operation of the central heating, whether you will use one hot tap or many at the same moment it is to be looked at, how economic the central heating boiler is and what space you have available for the installation.

The primary types of gas heating boilers are:-

Gas Fired back boilers

If you live in an ageing dwelling house you might have a coal fired back boiler installed, installation of these back boilers was normally at the back of the chimney in the front room, the back boiler being sheltered behind the fire. A typical complaint of a back boiler is that it generates low water pressure which is a drawback if you want to install a shower or have good pressure from your hot water taps. As a result back boilers tend only to be installed when they are replacing an existing back boiler and they are not installed as a new heating option, they need a considerable amount of space and there needs to be somewhere to obscure the boiler. A substitute back boiler however might be the best option for you if you already have one.

Previously gas back boilers had not been cost-efficient, but the modern back boilers are more efficient, so by putting in a new back boiler, you might make a large savings on your heating bills with improved boiler efficiency.

The latest Combination gas boilers

combination boilers cover a wide range and within these the most popular type of boiler used in homes is referred to as the combi gas boiler. They are economical and small enabling them to be fitted into small spaces. A combi boiler does not heat and store water, they generate hot water on demand which some people find very convenient and of course this can lead to higher levels of heating efficiency as you do not have a hot water tank which you need to insulate or which can lose heat.

A combi is also more cost-efficient than other types of gas fired boiler. As they don’t store hot water there are decreased heat losses. A drawback of this can be that the central heating cannot furnish hot water to several water points at the same time.

Unvented central heating system boilers

Your system gas fired boiler will use a hot water tank or cylinder to store previously created hot water. This means that the space requirements are larger. Building the other system constituents into the boiler this means that installation is less involved and lower-priced.

Hiving Away hot water means that you can draw hot water from many taps or a bath concurrently. You can get a good internal water pressure from a system gas boiler by installing the hot water tank high in the house.

Open vent central heating system gas fired boilers

The most common home central heating system is a vented heating boiler. The open vent gas fired boiler requires to water tanks to be fitted in the loft, and a hot water storage cylinder in the airing closet so it uses a lot of space.

The first tank in the attic feeds mains supply water to the hot water storage tank.

The 2nd is called the feed and expansion and this enables the water in your central heating to expand and contract. Although the hot water cylinder will take a while to heat up it it can supply several hot water taps simultaneously.

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