Gas boiler fitting is something that most others are not allowed to do but also something that most others have a need for at some point in time.

Gas boiler installation is a big market in the United Kingdom with one and a half million heating boilers set up by the 0.1 million fitters. Often your gas boiler installer will have trained for numerous years, however some boiler installers have no training. Picking Out a gas boiler fitter can be a problem.

If you select one of the large national companies such as npower, or the nation’s largest – British gas, then you know you are not going to get a rogue as these companies take great care of their brand. If you get one of the local boiler installers you just need to do your due diligence and check references from neighbours or people that you know. There are many good local boiler installers in the country but it only takes one bad one give you a number of years of headaches which you don’t want.

As gas boiler replacement are a large percentage of new installations you would think that householders would play an active part in selecting the new heating boiler, this is not always so. This is despite it being a big investment with significant lifespan energy bills.

When picking out your next gas fired boiler, the supplier and who will put in it there are many questions to look at as outlined below.

There are multiple forms of gas boiler with different characteristics

Although you should be installing a condensing central heating boiler there are several kinds obtainable. Your installer will need to understand the set up requirements of the specific variety you choose. Also every form of gas fired boiler has multiple power choices which need to be matched to the needs of the home environment. Matching the heating boiler to your heating requirements enables it to be most cost-effective resulting in lower heating costs.

Any gas boiler fitting as to conform to the rules

national government rules stipulate how central heating boilers should be set up in households. Due to environmental and efficiency needs new gas fired boilers should always be the condensing type. fitters should be CORGI registered. The ventilation in the room where the heating boiler is to be fitted must be properly reviewed.

Gas fired boiler efficiency assessments are very important

The new central heating boiler you put in can be considerably more cost-effective than your older boiler saving deep amounts on your energy charges over its life-time.

consider who will look after and overhaul your central heating boiler once fitted

Availability of replacement parts for several years after heating boiler installation is essential. Choosing a dependable firm for future care is an important decision. To keep your central heating boiler efficient and sustain its safety you must have it frequently serviced. Reduced gas costs come from choosing the right form of gas boiler and ensuring it is inspected each year.

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