Gas combi-boilers cut gas costs and so they ought to be on the radar of most homeowners when the time comes to replace an older gas boiler. A combi boiler will not be suitable for everyone but they’re great efficiency and convenience with instantaneous hot water makes them a very popular boiler and one but certainly ought to be on your agenda.

Your gas costs seem to cost more every year as the worldwide need for gas increases and the financial operators find yet another excuse for hiking the price of gas and inflating the profits of the energy companies. One major consumer of energy in the house is the gas boiler, in fact heating your home may take up to 50% of all of the energy that you use. Fortuitously help is at hand, installing a new replacement condensing gas combination boiler could lead to a great step-down in your energy bills.

The central heating gas boiler heats water for both laundry items and heating the radiators. The median heating boiler lasts for fifteen years before you start to get unannounced problems and it becomes inefficient. New and replacement boilers will be much more economical than your current boiler. You can assess the relative efficiency of boilers by looking at their SEDBUK rating, SEDBUK A ranking is the most cost-effective at 95% efficiency in pulling heat from the gas consumed.

If your gas boiler is over ten years old, it might be worth investing in a fresh model. You can cut your gas costs significantly if you invest in a new energy efficient boiler. A gas combi-boiler is the most widely known type of boiler, and is good for small homes with few people, or people who don’t want to wait for their hot water. Your hot water storage cylinder becomes redundant with a combi-boiler which heats water on call for. Whilst the boiler can deliver immediate hot water it will have a limited throughput and will not be able to serve multiple hot taps at the same time.

A average boiler will use a hot water tank to store hot water it makes during the day. This is the most wasteful method and the heat losses are great even with a fully lagged cylinder. In addition the hot water cylinder takes up space in the home which could be used for other storage purposes.

A new combi boiler will not require this form of hot water storage and hence is not prone to energy leakage at this point. Whilst hot water cylinders can be insulated they will never retain all of the that they contain and hence are always reducing the energy efficiency of whatever system has been installed.

You can get efficiencies of up to 60 percent by putting in a gas combination boiler and getting rid of the hot water storage cylinder. The most efficient type of combination boiler is a condensing combi-boiler which has an additional heat extract to reclaim the heat in the flue gases and use of this to heat your water reducing its energy consumption. Using the reclaimed heat to create hot water leads to additional energy savings.

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