There are a number of Grants for fresh gas boilers and you should certainly check whether you are eligible if you are considering buying a new boiler as the savings can help to reduce the cost considerably. The main purpose of the grant is to help people with older, badly insulated, properties to upgrade their heating and come more efficient. This has the benefit of helping the nation to reduce its carbon footprint and make progress toward achieving national targets.

Before you buy a fresh central heating boiler you need to know how much it will cost. There are a wide range of fitting costs depending upon the type of newfangled gas boiler you’re buying and what you currently have put in. Popular condensing gas fired boilers come in several types. Labour for the fitting work will represent most of the price of a new boiler fitting whereas buying gas fired boiler itself will be from 500 to 1000 pounds. If you’re having a full heating system fitted or updated including the system radiators and heating programmers the total price will go up considerably.

In evaluating the total costs you should add the annual gas fired boiler gas costs to this initial one-off fitting cost. This could amount to a large sum over your gas fired boiler life-time as gas prices seem to be constantly rising. gas fired boiler economy ratings are published and can be compared. It could be beneficial to purchase a slightly more costly gas boiler if it is the most cost-efficient.

Before you finish the purchase also check to see if there are some grants accessible or sale offers as these are often advertised in the summer.

The government’s warm front award is available for those on social security living in England, and can provide up to £2700 off a fresh heating system purchase price. Another grant is the Heating rebate scheme for those aged over sixty. If you qualify for this it can amount up to 300 pounds. These amounts may have changed by the time that you read this document but the basic principle will remain true. The concept of boiler grants is here to stay and you would be advised to keep on the lookout for what schemes are available. Do not leave it to the last moment, when you are just about to make the boiler purchase. Check what boiler grants are available a couple of months in advance so that you can certain that you meet the qualification criteria and can factor this saving into your purchase decision.

In addition to searching for a grant you might also wish to look at the funding schemes offered by the leading boiler fitters. 0% funding or buy now pay later offers are often available. Another form of offer could be some flexibility on the repayment schedule. Don’t be dazzled by the headline figures, make sure you understand how much the total funding prices will be over the life-time of the contract. The interest rate can be in the region of thirty percent. Also speak to your bank account manager, you could get a much better rate on a loan from your bank to buy your gas fired boiler.

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