If your central heating boiler is coming to the end of its life you may ask how much does a new heating boiler cost. The type of brand-new gas boiler you are buying will be influenced by what you currently have installed – if you don’t replace like for like you will have much higher installation cost as other elements of the central heating system will need to be changed. Yes you may not be aware but there are different types of boiler each with its own advantages and disadvantages and each with a specific installation configuration. Whilst the cost of the central heating boiler will be about 700 pounds the required installation work can cost several times this amount. If you are having a full gas central heating system put in or fully modernised with the latest components including the heating radiators and heating controls the total cost will go up considerably.

Central heating boiler efficiency can be more important than the one-off fitting price as your central heating boiler will burn a large amount of gas every year. Your central heating boiler will have a life of 15 years, as gas costs rise every year the total energy used will head-up each and every year equating to a sizeable total in due course. Central heating gas boilers are assessed for their efficiency and the various ratings can be compared to let you know which will have the lowest running costs. Surprisingly, a more expensive gas fired boiler could turn out to be the one with the lower annual costs if it is more efficient than an older boiler or less efficient one.

Before you hand over your money check to see whether you’re eligible for any grants as these can help to cut the cost of your new boiler and insulation by a considerable amount. The reason for this is that the government is keen to help to reduce the nation’s overall energy consumption as part of its carbon dioxide footprint commitments on the world stage.

The government’s warm front grant is applicable to those on benefits living in England, and can furnish up to two thousand seven hundred pounds off a new heating system purchase cost. Heating rebate scheme grants are available are those aged over 60. This delivers up to 300 pounds to repair or exchange a broken heating system.

Checking out the available grants can be profitable, also you might also want to study the finance schemes that can be obtained from some boiler installation companies. Sometimes they are good value and 0% funding can be on offer. Some of the schemes will offer flexibility in the repayment schedule. You should make sure that you get help in assessing how much of these schemes cost over the repayment life. The low initial interest rate can hide the real costs which can turn out to be about thirty percent. If you need finance and concerned as to the real rate of finance you will pay then it is always beneficial to talk to your bank manager. You might find that arranging a specific loan to pay for your central heating system gets you a deal with a low interest rate.

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