Make your gas boiler fitting right or regret it for a long time as you have to live with the consequences of a badly installed central heating system.

The United Kingdom has over one hundred thousand gas fired boiler installers putting in 1 1/2 million central heating boilers every twelve months. Some gas boiler fitters are highly qualified, there are times nevertheless when your heating boiler fitter will have very little training. As a result choosing the right boiler installer is not always straightforward.

Replacement central heating boilers are a large proportion of new central heating boilers sold but it appears that homeowners have little involvement in the choice of new gas fired boiler for their home. This is despite it being a major investment with considerable lifespan energy costs.

When you come to select a boiler fitter and choose a new central heating boiler there are some significant subjects to study as detailed below.

There are many types of gas fired boiler with different characteristics

Whilst you are probably fitting a condensing heating boiler you should understand that there are many forms with benefits and drawbacks according to your needs. Different sizing and forms mean that every has a particular set up requirements. Also every form of boiler has multiple heat choices which need to be checked to the demands of the home environment. Matching the central heating boiler to your needs enables it to achieve the highest efficiencies thereby reducing your future .

Your fitter must follow the boiler installation regulations

government rules stipulate how heating boilers should be installed in households. There is a little option but to put in a condensing heating boiler as a replacement gas boiler. Your fitter should be named on the CORGI register. You should have a ventilation survey as part of the initial set up review to ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the boiler room.

Heating boiler efficiency assessments are really important

Get a SEDBUK A graded economical boiler to supersede your uneconomical older model and watch your energy costs fall.

Over the boiler life-time it will demand to be serviced and frequently inspected

It is essential that spare parts are accessible long after the gas fired boiler has finished manufacture. Choosing a responsible firm for future care is an important determination. To keep your central heating boiler healthy you should have it regularly maintained. You could experience big energy bills in the future if you do not look after your boiler or even more so if you have the wrong form fitted in the first instance.

The key thing to remember is that the boiler installer works for you rather than the other way around. Whilst he has the knowledge, you need to be confident that he is applying it properly to identify the right boiler for your home. Everyone’s home is different and some homes present quite a challenge in fitting a central heating system. All these issues can be overcome if they are properly assessed and factored into the installation plan at the beginning. Make sure that your boiler installer properly considers your requirements before he recommends what boiler and what price, is right for you.

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