Picking Out a replacement central heating boiler

When you select your next boiler there are a multitude of matters you need to take into the decision. You might begin with the price but also want to think of other considerations, you will need to appraise when and how much hot water you will use at any moment, how much gas the boiler will burn and how much space you have to install it.

The main forms of heating boiler are:-

Gas Fired back boilers

It is not uncommon to find back boilers in older housing stock, being fitted in the chimney they were sheltered from view, with a fire in front to conceal them. Low water pressure is a problem with these gas back boilers and you will not be putting in one of these unless it is a substitute, they want a lot of space and you will need someplace to hide your boiler. However if you currently have a back boiler then a straightforward substitute could be your best alternative.

gas back boilers have not been noted for their economy in the past, but the modern gas back boilers are more economic now, so by replacing your old back boiler, you could cut your heating bills through improved efficiency.

Modern Combination gas boilers

In recent years the most popular type of boiler sold is the combi boiler. They are small; fitting into cupboards, and really economical to operate. They also heat cold water directly meaning that you do not will have to wait for a hot water tank to heat up – this means you get an ongoing stream of hot water.

Combi heating boilers are more economical than the other gas fired boiler types. There is no hot water storage cylinder reducing heat losses in the central heating. One drawback to look for is that you hot bath could run cold if someone turns on the hot water taps in the kitchen simultaneously.

Unvented central heating heating boilers

system gas boilers use a water cylinder to store hot water. This means that you will require an airing closet or alternative space for the hot water storage cylinder. One advantage of this type of central heating is as many of the system constituents are built into the heating boiler allowing a quicker and lower-priced installation.

Getting various streams of hot water from diverse taps at the same time is now manageable. internal water pressure is enhanced if the cylinder is installed high in the house.

Open vent central heating gas fired boilers

Most families will have an open vent gas boiler installed. They come with 2 water storage tanks to be installed in the loft., additional space is also called for for the hot water storage tank fitted in the airing cupboard.

Mains supply water is fed via one of loft storage tanks to the hot water storage tank.

The second is called the expansion and feed and this enables the water in your system to expand and contract. Many taps or showers and baths can be run simultaneously but the hot water cylinder does have a finite capacity.

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