Reduce your homes next gas account

It is generally accepted that we should cut our energy use to be kind to the planet. Improving the economy of your central heating system will help this and also help to contract your heating bills. Whilst you use electricity and gas throughout your house you may find that up to one fifty percent of your energy charge relates to your heating boiler gas use. Every family should be able to reduce its heating system costs by carrying out some of the advice we have outlined below.

turn off gas heating systems in areas where you do not need it :
If you have a spare bedroom that is not being used turn off the central heating system metal radiator in the room. Cutting the number of rooms which are actively heated will trim your energy consumption. Also close the entrance door to these rooms when not in use.

Prefer the central heating in preference to using a fire :
A boiler is much more cost-efficient than using a fire to heat one room. The presence of the chimney means that a lot of the heat generated passes to the outside, whilst an electric fire appears to give immediate heat it is not as efficient as the gas boiler in heating the room.

Eliminate drafts with insulation
If you allow chilly draughts to come into your home then you need to pay for more gas to heat this air. Doors are often regions where cold air leaks in so use approved entrance door insulation. Use a foam based sealer to close off any gaps between your door frame and the windows where these meet the exterior wall. If you live in an older home you might be surprised how often these gaps occur. Whilst draughts are hidden using a candle flame can help to reveal where they are.

Put on a jumper and warmer clothes :
When you feel the room is a little cold look at putting on some additional clothing in preference to switching up the room thermostat. A 10% decrease in your energy use can easily be accomplished by reducing your room temperature by 1°.

Your drapes can help to control temperature :
The sun is very effective at heating your dwelling house in the wintertime, when shining, if you keep the curtains opened to allow it in. External temperatures drop at nightime and your house can lose a lot of heat through the windowpanes. Curtains can be an incremental form of insulation and this time and cut heat loss if they are closed, this can can save you money in the longer term. The thicker your curtains the greater for providing this extra layer of insulation.

General tips for the rest of the home :
Insulate the hot water cylinder if your gas central heating has one. The hot water tank can retain its heat throughout the daytime if insulated making water accessible for you whenever required.

The use of silver foil on the wall by your metal radiator can be used to reflect warmth back into the room rather than out into the wall and the street.

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