When you look at your rising gas charges on your energy bill you may not appreciate it but your heating system may well be consuming 50% of all the energy you are using. On the one hand this gives us a problem as no one can afford to switch off the heating as we have come to rely upon our central heating systems. On the other hand, having one system taking such a large percentage of our energy usage presents an opportunity as any efficiencies we can make with regard to our heating will feed through to lower gas charges.

Below we have delineated some ways in which you can take easy actions two lower your present-day energy bills.

Check where you are using the heating boiler :
You may find that in reviewing your use of your home that some rooms are not used in the winter but you may still be heating these. This presents an opportunity as central heating radiators can be switched off independently of the operation of the main central heating system, so switch them off in any rooms that are not going to be used for a while such as a spare bedroom. If an area of your home is not used often it really doesn’t need heating. If you have switched off the radiators in a room make sure that you also keep the door to the room closed. If you do not do so cold air from the room will seep out into the rest of the house and, warm air which you have paid to heat will seep back into that room gaining you know advantage whatsoever.

Use the heating boiler not the fire :
If the gas heating system is on using it to heat one additional room consumes only a little additional gas. If you think about it the structure of a fire incorporates a chimney which allows heat to escape to the outside, the gas boiler in your hands is far more cost-efficient for heating than an electric fire.

Stop those drafts with the correct insulation
As cold draughts blow into your home money passes out in the opposite direction. The first place to look will be your doors and ensure that any visible gaps are blocked off. There can be gaps between the window and entrance door frames and a wall which are easily filled with a foam based sealant. These type of cracks happen often in aging homes as the foundations settle. drafts can be hunted down by using a flame from a candle and checking when it flickers as you move around the room taking care not to spill any hot wax.

A sweater or blanket might mean you don’t need to switch up the heating :
If you are sitting in a room and start to feel Chile make sure it you first reach for an additional jumper rather than reaching out to turn up the thermostat. Maintaining a 1 degree reduction on the thermostat can save up to 10percent on your heating costs. Imagine how this small change can add up to a very large saving over a number of months.

Use the curtains effectively :
When the sun shines in the winter make sure that it can heat your home like keeping the curtains open. Your windows can be the cause of a considerable amount of heat loss at night time as external temperatures drop. This heat loss can be diminished if you close the curtains, this tactic will help to save you a lot of money over several months. Heavier curtains provide a larger incremental layer of insulation and are best at saving energy.

Some final tips :
Consider insulating the central heating hot water tank if your boiler has one. Hot water will rapidly cool down unless held in a well insulated tank.

Don’t heat the walls of your home directly at the rear of the radiators, shiny foil is good at reflecting energy and therefore will reflect the heat from the radiator trimming this heat loss.

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