An unexpected boiler breakdown in the middle of winter can be very costly. Finding a plumber who is available without notice can be very time-consuming if not impossible. Consider the situation from their viewpoint, you have had a quiet summer and now the telephone is ringing without reprieve. This is the time that you will make your money and hence the time that you raise your prices in response to increased customer demand. As a customer can you afford to shop around to find a plumber hasn’t raised their prices? are you going to be very focused upon your boiler problem and ask the plumber to call out whenever they can paying whatever the increased price is.

You can avoid being at the mercy of the local plumber by having the foresight to take out a boiler insurance policy before any trouble arrives. Fortunately there are several large, national companies who have well trained, gas safe registered, engineers that can be available to you for a small monthly payment with a gas boiler breakdown plan or perhaps a full central heating cover insurance.

In terms of price there are two main options for all the central heating insurance plans. If you are prepared to accept an excess of £50 on the cost of any call-out you can have central heating insurance for a lower monthly fee. You can avoid this £50 excess if you are prepared to pay a slightly higher monthly fee. Many companies adjust their pricing according to where you live, British Gas being one example where central heating cover costs more if you live within the M25.

The main decision you will need to make is the extent of the breakdown and repair coverage you take out. The lowest price cover will tend to cover just your gas boiler and the most immediate heating controls such as the thermostat or timer. For a slight increase you can extend this cover to include your full central heating system. This will include important features such as your central heating pump and the radiators in addition to all the hot water pipes.

At the top end of the scale is fully comprehensive extended home maintenance cover which incorporates the other services in your home such as plumbing and drains and even your home electrics. With this type of home maintenance plan you will have access to trained electrician’s and professional drainage contractors in addition to the expert plumbers provided by the standard central heating insurance plan.

These days there really is no excuse for the home owner to have the panic of trying to find a skilled tradesmen at a moments notice because they have had an unexpected boiler, central heating, drainage or electrical problem. Taking out one of the boiler, central heating, drainage and electrical maintenance plans provided by the main suppliers will eliminate these problems and transfer the worry to your insurance supplier following one simple telephone call.

We didn’t mention one of the other main benefits of this approach which is that the cost of an unexpected breakdown can be high including the parts and labour you would need to cover. With a maintenance and repair plan the provider will cover this giving you free call-out and parts and labour as part of your policy.

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