What are gas boiler maintenance plans?

If you are looking at a central heating boiler repair contract, perhaps one which also includes an annual service for your gas boiler, you now have the option of several suppliers. For a fixed monthly cost you get protection against the expense of unanticipated gas boiler failures and sometimes they also include a twelve month boiler service. Although choice is good it also carries some small troubles in that there are a number of different types of insurance at differing cost points giving you a great choice. The choice may initially confuse you but when you have had the time to peruse the insurance policies you may come to understand that at the centre they are really similar.

Heating boiler breakdown protection with parts and labour

This type of protection brings emergency assistance rather than a twelve month boiler service. Should you experience a gas boiler breakdown you will be able to call a special helpline number which you have been provided with to get quick assistance – this type of arrangement should provide you with a lower cost schedule then the typical emergency callout charge with a one-off breakdown as you have agreed an ongoing contract. It is important for the company’s long-term growth you renew your protection and they will be keen to encourage you to do so.

One of the better it is policies is no callout charge as calling out experienced tradesmen can be costly – without this type of protection you could pay out a substantial amount merely to call out a heating engineer to your home in an emergency, incorporating the no callout fee is a very good option in a contract, in particular if you’re gas boiler is starting to reach the end of its life time and experience more breakdowns. The plans completely insulated you from the costs of the breakdown as the usually also include relevant costs, perhaps within a maximum amount, relating to any parts and the tradesmen’s labour. When you add up the amount that you will pay for such a contract over 12 months you will see that it is a much smaller some than you might be charged if you had a major boiler breakdown.

Incorporating an annual central heating boiler service into your plan

Adding in the option of annual central heating gas boiler service should cost less than taking this as a separate service from a local heating plumber. There are benefits of having the same company providing emergency protection and servicing your gas fired boiler. Setting Up the boiler service in advance on the due date will often mean that you can schedule the appointment at a time that is more convenient to you. Some companies prefer to dismantle the heating boiler in the service some others will prefer to use diagnostic tools and only dismantle if a problem is found.

Are there advantages in having a central heating boiler maintenance plan?

It is impossible to estimate this with certainty as no one knows how many heating boiler breakdown you will have. Typically a boiler repair contract pays for itself on the first failure. Even if you are lucky enough to not experience a boiler breakdown you will have had a more restful year. Test the accessibility of your local heating engineer in an emergency and look at taking out a central heating boiler contract if they would not have been able to call immediately. If your sister is a heating plumber you could plausibly do without one.

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