Why August is a cracking period for a boiler service

Your Twelve monthly Central Heating Inspection is very important to your homes wellness and your bank account. Stop Carbon Monoxide Gas in its tracks and prune those rising fuel costs with a planned boiler care program. It is false economy to reduce your outgoings by not having an annual inspection programme for your heating and gas boiler. Just because your boiler functions unseen does not mean that it does not need some tender love. Whilst a boiler overhaul seems a big cost it should last you twelve months and amounts to a few pence every day, much less than the cost of wasted energy with an badly maintained heating system.

No one wishes to think about their heating system components, until they have an issue that is. Whilst advanced central heating systems are efficient and well manufactured they do not last for ever. After fifteen years you might see a higher incidence of gas boiler failures and the requirement for professional help with breakdowns.

Whilst your boiler may be a modern technology miracle it still needs a service survey to ensure that the constant usage has not led to a buildup of internal sediments cutting efficiency and potentially leading to the output of Co. When you have taken out a gas boiler service programme you will also gain the benefits of an expert checking your central heating and ensuring that it works safely and efficiently. Don’t expect in the engineer to dismantle your central heating down to the last nut and bolt, modern overhauls use diagnostic procedures to check that everything is running satisfactorily and adjustments are then made as needed. Diagnostic functions and connections for laptop computers mean your engineer can check how the gas boiler is functioning without probing the insides. If you use the same company to perform your 12 month service next year they can refer back to the operating functioning of your boiler to check whether any parts are starting to fail giving early warning, rather than you facing an unforeseen breakdown.

central heating servicing in the heat of the summer

The worst time to try to arrange a central heating checked will be as the winter approaches as they plumbers who would have performed to the check will be on call to heating systems which have broken down as they tried to meet the first eating demands of the winter. If you are planning ahead and scheduling your annual central heating service arrange it for the quietest time of the year, in the summertime, so that the plumber is not under pressure and can give your boiler a thorough review. Summer dates can typically be arranged at a time that is best for you.

Safe boilers are boilers with annual inspections

The twelve month costs less than repairing a breakdown. Putting the servicing advantages to one side a valuable result of an annual central heating service will be the increased confidence you will have that your central heating and will not be creating fumes in your home harming the occupants. An annual service is like a vaccination for your boiler against the production of poisonous exhaust fumes which can poison the household inhabitants. Carbon Monoxide Gas is absorbed into your bloodstream 240 times more easily than oxygen is. As Carbon monoxide poisoning is rare its symptoms are not readily identified by homeowners or even medical practitioners. Properly maintaining a gas boiler is not a piffling matter to be left to inexperienced people and the work should be carried out by a corgi registered plumber.

Most central heating breakdown programs which include a twelve month service provide unlimited cover for parts and labour should you have a central heating problem in the future. Over 10 million homes in the country do not have a boiler maintenance programme. If you want your central heating to be efficient and problem free you should institute a regular servicing programme. Having it regularly checked and maintained by a reputable heating engineer will drastically reduce the risk of a gas leak or problem.

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