Winter is a high-risk period for a heating review

Your Annual Heating Check is essential to your households health and to protect your finances against the consequence of an unexpected heating system breakdown. A relaxed mind flows from a regular gas heating inspection as you know your gas boiler should be efficient for the following twelve months and is not emitting any unsafe gases. If you have paid a considerable amount of money for a heating system you recognise you have to see to it that it is well maintained and serviced. Timely action can save problems and this is particularly relevant in relation to a frequent review of your gas boiler or central heating. The costs of a gas boiler breakdown can be really costly and overshadow the smaller annual price of a heating service plan.

If you have a gas boiler breakdown you will in all probability wish you had taken better care of it previously. Day-after-day operation at the heart of your central heating system means that your boiler will not survive for ever, it is generally regarded that the typical life is fifteen years and after this period you will need to think about purchasing a new more fuel efficient boiler.

Sediments can build in the central heating and greatly trim back its efectiveness, so having it regularly serviced is a wise move. An additional benefit of procuring a gas boiler service arrangement is the an expert review of your boiler will also ensure that it is operating efficiently as well as safely. The 12 month service is more about ensuring that your boiler is operating correctly, and making adjustments where required, rather than taking it all apart on the kitchen floor and putting it back together again. Most leading gas boiler service providers use laptop computers to enable their workforce to analyse how your boiler is performing before the case needs to be opened and any component parts adjusted or replaced.
When the same service supplier maintained your boiler and attended to any emergency breakdowns over the previous 12 months, or indeed the previous several years, that company is able to see the full operating history of your boiler and, by comparing to customers with a similar installation, advise you whether your boiler is functioning as expected or not.

Annual gas boiler servicing when the sun is shining

It might seem unusual to be thinking about central heating as summer approaches, but theres really no better time to get that central heating serviced. Once the first frosts have come along plumbers and boiler engineers will be working flat out repairing gas boiler breakdowns and not be available for an 12 month service inspection so you should avoid the autumn when arranging your 12 month service. You will also stand a better chance of scheduling the visit to suit your diary.

A central heating service can keep your family safe

A heating service is predictable and the cost can be budgeted whereas the costs of a central heating breakdown come at the most unexpected moments and can easily exceed any servicing budget you have. Badly serviced central heating systems can produce Carbon monoxide and this is one of the main reasons why you should have your central heating serviced regularly. Unfortunately, monoxide gases are more easily retained in the body than oxygen. The first signs of Carbon Monoxide Gas poisoning resemble influenza, often leading to misdiagnosis. Ensure that your heating service company only utilises properly certified plumbers before you entrust your central heating service to them.

You can add a service programme to your service agreement to give you additional cover and protection from the costs of unforeseen central heating breakdowns. Despite this, fewer than one in three of the 14 million owner-occupied homes in the United Kingdom has a gas central heating service contract. Well maintained heating systems are more likely to work efficiently and have fewer problems. Frequent boiler servicing ensures that problems are identified before they escalate into breakdowns.

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