Your dwellings ageing heating boiler is costing you pounds and you may not even be aware of it. Whilst you may be focused upon preserving the boiler, trying to find a reliable plumber and ensuring that they attend promptly each time it has a problem, it could actually be burning pound notes that you have worked hard for.

As boilers become older they not only become more prone to costly breakdowns but also tend to be more inefficient by comparison with modern boilers. The design of boilers has changed and the now more commonplace condensing boiler has a design which is probably completely different then your older boiler. Contrary to the situation with traditional boilers, a modern condensing gas boiler has a well thought out design that enables it to capture heat from the waste gases and use these to heat cold water entering the boiler. This reduces the amount of wastage by reducing the amount of new gas you require to heat the water to the required temperature. All this happens out of sight but you certainly would notice a difference if you looked at your energy Bill.

Most houses are currently centrally heated. Did you know you can make alterations to make the heating system more economical and less expensive by upgrading your heating system controls. First Of All, a time switch or heating programmer permits you to set central heating and hot water to come on only at periods when required. Your charges will be significantly reduced as you will only be using gas when it is actually needed.

Room temperatures can be better manipulated by adding room thermostats once again reducing gas use. Large cuts in energy intake can be achieved by limiting gas use to the level required to hit the target room heat level. TRV valves can be added to each radiator to finely control individual room temperatures. This is a commended way of maintaining the bedroom temperatures lower than that in the ground floor rooms.

All these controls can be retrofitted to an existing boiler or central heating installation. Obviously it is better that they are installed when the central heating system is first putting but don’t let this hold you back if you find out that you are missing these essential heating controls. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to the amount of energy you can save and are most definitely worth reviewing to check the benefits that you can get.

One of the primary causes of high fuel charges and a leading source of gas inefficiency comes from elderly boilers. A gas boiler has a typical life-time of fifteen years. New, modern heating boilers have more efficient designs and use less energy. savings of up to forty % can be achieved by fitting a condensing gas boiler. They pull heat from the exhaust system gases and use it to heat your water. If you are fitting one of these type of heating boilers for the first time you could qualify for a grant.

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