Believe it or not, if you’re planning on having a boiler serviced the best time to arrange this is in the summer. Yes, we know that the sun will be shining in the summer and your heating will not be required but there are several advantages of planning a boiler service for this time.

Lower Boiler Service Costs

If you will be calling on a local plumber to service the boiler you will find that there is more chance that they will be available in the summer. Most heating breakdowns take place in the winter when the boiler and central heating systems are under strain trying to heat the house against the cooling action of the cold frost outside. A summer boiler service should be able to be scheduled with a local plumber at a time of lower work volumes and you might even have the opportunity to negotiate a reduction in the cost! The peak time for boiler servicing is from October through to January and arranging a service for this time will put you into competition with everyone else.

Identify Boiler Faults Early

If you have an older system you will want a boiler service and check-up to ensure that it is in peak condition ready to heat your home over the long winter months. Whilst you could arrange this for October or November it is more sensible to arrange the boiler service for the middle of the summer, that will give you time to arrange for a repair or get spare parts should any problem be identified.

Whilst it is true is that your system will need to be switched on to make sure that as it is all operating satisfactorily this will only take 10 minutes and you will not be in danger of turning your own into a hothouse. Opening the windows will enable any heat in the radiators to be dissipated very quickly.

Boiler Service Scheduling

If you have a boiler service plan or central heating protection policy which incorporate an annual boiler service visit this logic applies in this case also. The larger firms have trouble meeting demand for their emergency callouts in the winter and are grateful of being able to schedule a boiler service in the summer. You’ll find that you are able to select the date and time that is convenient to you far more easily than trying to request the same in the winter.

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