When times are tough you may question the need for a boiler service and consider it to be an expense you can remove from your household budget. After all, listening to your boiler it seems to be operating fine and the house is warm so why pay out for a service?

Unfortunately this would be short sighted thinking and could lead to your boiler becoming badly maintained, resulting in carbon monoxide production and inefficient use of gas, and thereby increasing your heating bills. All gas appliances need to be serviced regularly to keep them operating efficiently and safely. Whilst they operate unseen for most of the time you should not ignore their maintenance requirements and the need for an annual boiler service.

Boiler servicing for efficiency

If your boiler does not have a regular service then the byproducts of the burnt gas will build up inside of boiler and gradually reduce its efficiency. Gas is a very expensive commodity and a 5% reduction in efficiency will lead to a large increase in your annual gas bill, this could easily cost far more than the typical cost of a boiler service.

In these circumstances the £50 to £100 cost of plumber to call and service your boiler could seem to be a very small number and not good business sense.

Also having a regular service will enable your plumber to identify whether any boiler parts are about to fail and this could avoid a boiler breakdown in the future. Whilst you may have to pay for the parts now, identifying these issues during the boiler service will save you coming home one day to find out that you have no heating or hot water and facing a long wait before a plumber can attend to your boiler breakdown.

Boiler servicing for safety

When it comes to the cost of your life or that of a member of your family the money saved in the going a regular boiler service plan does not compare. Modern gas appliances using natural gas are very safe in the home but is this is subject to the adoption of a regular boiler service programme. There is always a minor chance and that the problem could occur, ventilation docks becoming blocked off one example where insufficient oxygen to the gas chamber will lead in the production of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and tasteless gas which is lethal. Insufficient ventilation to a gas burner will lead to a yellow flame being produced and carbon monoxide possibly leaking into the room. Adults and children alike are impacted by carbon monoxide and inhalation for a period of time will lead to death.

How can I save money on a boiler service?

If you have accepted that a regular boiler service is a sensible idea you can reduce the cost by taking out a boiler or central heating protection plan which incorporates a boiler service. By combining both requirements you will gain access to an expert plumber to service your boiler and have the peace of mind of knowing as you can call them out to attend to any unexpected breakdown to get your home and hot water working quickly.

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