Plumbing tasks can often involve the use of chemicals for cleaning joints or flushing systems. Many of these chemicals can be hazardous if not treated with respect and some basic safety considerations should be adopted for any task.

The same can be said now for many other maintenance tasks in the home. There are chemical solutions available to help unblock a blocked drain and other chemicals are available to clean areas where there is considerable grime buildup, such as in an oven.

The Golden cannot be excluded either from this and a number of weedkillers and fertilisers can actually be problematic if you have sensitive skin or open wounds. Getting a pair of protective gloves is one simple step you can take that gives a a lot of protection without being too onorous.

Whilst these items may be freely available in the home maintenance shops they should not fool us into a false sense of security. Many of these chemicals are dangerous and without a proper thought for chemical safety you could find yourself getting into trouble and need to take a trip down to the local hospital.

The following is a list of some obvious chemical safety practices although the list is not exhaustive and common sense should always be applied.

Protective Clothing:

  • Wear protective goggles when handling liquids or where there is a possibility of a substances entering into the eyes eg dusts.
  • Wear impervious gloves when handling liquids and powders.
  • Always use any other appropriate protective clothing specified (e.g. dust mask), and always ensure that it is suitable for the purpose. Any defects in personal protective equipment should result in the article being thrown away and a replacement obtained.


  • Wash your hands after work and after visiting the toilet.
  • Always dry your hands afterwards.
  • Remove any PPE (e.g. gloves, overalls) before eating.
  • Eat meals outside work areas.
  • Do not smoke or you may ingest hazardous substances by transferring them from your fingers via your cigarette to your mouth.
  • Always cover cuts and abrasions.

The simple items outlined above are all readily available in the local do it yourself stores and are not expensive. If you are in the habit of carrying out do-it-yourself tasks at home which could involve corrosive or dangerous chemicals then you should certainly consider purchasing some of these. Remember that the majority will last for a number of years and hence or a one-off purchase you will get protection for many of the tasks you wish to carry out.

If you only do one thing you must buy protective eyewear. Damage to the eyes can last a lifetime and the consequences can be very troublesome. Chemical splashes can occur at any time and you could be very unlucky that a corrosive drop lines in your eye.

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