If you have taken out a boiler service contract then you can’t choose the plumber who will conduct your service, you will rely upon the brand and integrity of the National company that you have purchased the contract from. If you decide to use a local plumber there are a number of things you should look for to identify which one is best to conduct your boiler service.

There are a number of features of a good plumber to look out for: –

They are CORGI registered

By law, anyone in the UK who services or installs a gas boiler must be CORGI registered. This means that they are on the register of authorised gas installers which are maintained by CORGI. CORGI was founded more than 30 years ago in 1970 with the aim of protecting the public from the dangers of a safe gas boiler installations. This also means that the plumber will have an identity card which you can view before letting them into your home and you can also check their details on the CORGI register website.

Additional qualifications

In addition to the legal requirement for CORGI registration you should look for additional vocational qualifications which indicated the level of expertise of the plumber. City and Guilds examinations or NVQ qualifications in the plumbing topics will show a level of commitment and knowledge the board the standard plumber.

Membership of professional or trade organisations

Trade bodies will ensure that their members adhere to certain minimum standards and membership of one of these bodies should mean you have better chances of dealing with a responsible professional who wants to carry out a good job. Remember, merely advertising qualifications for membership of trade bodies does not mean anything, you should check that these claims are backed by certificates or registration with these organisations.

Many local recommendations

The best way of identifying any good plumber for your boiler service is to check on their work locally. Are there testimonials on the plumber’s website? Do you know of any local neighbours who have recently experienced their work. It is easy to write claims on experience and knowledge in advertising copy, the best test is how does the plumber perform on the job and did their last customer agree that they had a value for money boiler service.

Honor promises and have good customer service

When you telephoned the plumber reflect on whether the phone was answered quickly and professionally or whether you had some half baked voice message and it took them 96 hours to get back to you. If they can’t answer a sales enquiry call satisfactory what chance will you have of contacting them were some remedial work in your boiler serviced once you have paid them?

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