Are you seeking the best boiler cover for your home?

Like most things in life selecting the “best” is a matter of opinion and hence there are a number of facts you need to understand before you make a decision on what is the best boiler cover for you. Luckily there are many boiler cover suppliers in the market these days and most boiler cover plans offer good quality services for home owners, and can be relied upon to get you out of a problem when you suffer an unexpected boiler breakdown.

When selecting a boiler cover supplier you should be aware that you can make arrangements with a local plumber or heating engineer or, if it is your preference, take out a boiler care plan from a national supplier. Most of the large energy companies offer boiler cover plans and you do not need to be an existing customer to take out a policy so do your homework first and select the best supplier for your needs.

Although most boiler breakdowns are unexpected you can expect to see a greater incidence of problems with your boiler the older it becomes. The typical lifetime of the boiler is up to 15 years and beyond this reliability decreases not to mention the fact that such an old boiler will be very inefficient and costing you a great deal in energy bills each year.

The first consideration in selecting the best boiler cover is to consider what you actually want to be protected against potential breakdowns. Do you want the plan to cover your boiler or do you want protection for your full central heating system. Having made that decision you also need to think about whether you are prepared to pay the first £50 of any expenditure or whether you want fully comprehensive cover protecting you against all costs. Obviously, as with typical car insurance, the higher the amount of money you are prepared to pay before your boiler care supplier becomes liable for the costs than the lower the amount of your monthly premium.

Another very important feature of the boiler cover offered is to check whether you are going to apply for a boiler cover plan which incorporates an annual safety inspection. We would consider that any supplier offering “the best boiler cover” must incorporate an annual safety inspection in their plan. Gas boilers and other household gas appliances can emit dangerous carbon monoxide fumes if they are not serviced properly and this has on some unfortunate occasions lead to fatalities. Accordingly, whilst plans which exclude an annual service are cheaper they could be putting your life at risk and are probably not the best choice for you.

There are a number of boiler cover comparison sites which can advise you of the specific details of various plans. There are variations in the number of call-outs you are allowed each year and also different policies with regard to the maximum age of the boiler. Promises to attend the same day can be taken with a pinch of salt in the middle of the winter when the demand for experienced heating engineers and plumbers skyrockets as a number of boiler breakdowns increases. If you are unlucky enough to have an unexpected boiler breakdown in the middle of winter, at one of these very busy periods, you will probably think that the best boiler cover is any boiler cover and the value of taking out a boiler insurance and preparing for a harsh winter in advance cannot be understated.

The costs of boiler insurance will partially be offset by having an efficient and properly working boiler. The costs of boiler cover will also become a dim memory if you have to call out a heating engineer if you are without heating and hot water. At such times the price of inconvenience exceeds any perceptions you may have had around the annual cost of boiler cover.

In summary, the best boiler cover is the boiler cover plan which best meets your needs. There is no statement that any supplier or comparison site can make stating that a particular boiler care plan is the best, there are many suppliers and subtle differences in each of their boiler care insurance its so you need to do some research before you can identify the best boiler cover for you.